Project coordinator: University of Latvia
Budget of Nano Prime Sp. z o.o. 54000 EUR
Opening date of the project: 01/01/2018
Date of OPL’s accession to the project: 03/2019
Duration: 48 months
The CanBioSe project aims to strengthen international and cross-sectoral cooperation, sharing new ideas and transferring knowledge from R&D units to the market and vice versa in the field of nanostructured metal oxide optical biosensors for cancer cell detection. The interdisciplinary research and innovation objectives of the project seek to develop a new portable tool for early cancer detection that can solve critical health issues in the EU society. Unidimensional (1D) nanofibre polymers will be embedded using an electrospinning technique. Metal oxide-based photonic nanomaterials (ZnO, ZnO / Al2O3, Au / ZnO and ZnO / Au nanolaminates) will coat the 1D nanofibres. The metal oxides and nanoparticles will be deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) and electrophoresis, respectively. Bioselective layers will be formed by immobilising specific antibodies on the biosensor surface. Photoluminescence and optical spectroscopy will be used to record the biosensor signal. Bio-sensor tests will be performed on cancer cells (in humans with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia). The biosensors will be integrated into a microfluidic system to minimise the dimensions and simplify the use of the detection system. The project partners will provide the research and training in nanotechnology, surface functionalisation, bioengineering, microfluidics and biosensor testing, market analysis and commercialisation. The project-provided research and management training for seasoned scientists and early-stage researchers will strengthen their personal skills and enrich their professional experience, e.g. through new scientific articles and conference proceedings. The project envisages the sustained cooperation between the partners, based on the participation of students and the preparation of innovative research and development projects. Finally, dissemination of the results obtained during the project, both to the scientific community and beyond, is anticipated.

Updates on the project


From July 2nd to 4th 2019, a so-called Mid-term meeting with a detailed audit of the Nanosurf and CanBioSe. projects took place, for which Dr. Amanda Jane Ozin- Hofsaess – head officer of the aforementioned projects and Research Project Administrator on behalf of the European Commission – came to the University of Latvia.


Our project partner and coordinator, the University of Latvia organised the international conference “Nanomaterials for biosensors and biomedical applications” in Jurmala from 2-4 July 2019.


From 17 to 19 September 2018, the Participants/Partners of the project titled “Horizon2020 – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE): H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017, Project Number: 777926”, at the invitation of the Consortium Osteoplant Research and Development Sp. z o. o. arrived from […]