Name of the Beneficiary: LATVIJAS UNIVERSITATE (Latvia), Sumy State University (Ukraine), THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD (UK), UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI MODENA E REGGIO EMILIA (Italy), NANOPHARMA AS (Czech Republic), Eesti Materjalitehnoloogiate Arenduskeskuse AS (Estonia), Nano Prime Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Programme: Horizon2020
Type of activity: Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions
Sub-activity: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (MSCA -RISE-2020)
Overall project value (for all the beneficiaries in total): 1 008000,00 EUR
Value for Nano Prime Sp. z o.o. 198000,00 EUR
Subsidy: 198000,00
Project description:
The NanoSurf project aims to strengthen international and cross-sector collaboration in dental implant research, sharing new ideas and transferring knowledge from research to market and vice versa. We will examine nanostructured metal oxide coatings, 3D scaffolds obtained by electrospinning, deposition of organic nanofibres and laser patterning of the implant surface using biotechnology, cell engineering and nanotechnology. The interdisciplinary project research and innovation goals are aimed at developing a new class of dental implants with advanced mechanical properties and improved surfaces treated by nanotechnological methods that exhibit high biocompatibility, antibacterial properties and integration into the patient’s bone. The developed surfaces will simplify dental surgery and prevent microbial inflammatory complications following implant surgery… This could ensure better dental services and improve the health of the EU population. The project partners will provide research and training activities in the areas of: fabrication and characterisation of zirconium-titanium (ZrTi) alloy-based dental implants; deposition of metal oxides, biopolymers and organic/inorganic nano-laminates, laser patterning, electrospinning, cell engineering, modelling analysis and research and management training. Findings will be shared with early-stage researchers to enhance their personal skills, performance and expertise through the publication of scientific articles and presentation of research results at scientific conferences, which will further boost the development of EU human resources for research and innovation. Dissemination of the project findings will contribute to the development of the EU’s research capacity in the field of bio- and nanotechnologies and applied sciences.

Updates on the project


From July 2nd to 4th 2019, a so-called Mid-term meeting with a detailed audit of the Nanosurf and CanBioSe. projects took place, for which Dr. Amanda Jane Ozin- Hofsaess – head officer of the aforementioned projects and Research Project Administrator on behalf of the European Commission – came to the University of Latvia.


Our project partner and coordinator, the University of Latvia organised the international conference “Nanomaterials for biosensors and biomedical applications” in Jurmala from 2-4 July 2019.


From 17 to 19 September 2018, the Participants/Partners of the project titled “Horizon2020 – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE): H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017, Project Number: 777926”, at the invitation of the Consortium Osteoplant Research and Development Sp. z o. o. arrived from […]


On July 5th, 2019, an “Information Day” on Marie Sklodovska – Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (MCSA -RISE) research programs was held at the newly established Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia in Riga, along with a presentation of companies participating in the Nanosurf (Nanostructured surface development for the manufacture of dental implants) and CanBioSe (Novel photonic metal oxide nanostructures for early cancer detection) projects

Visits by our Horizon2020 partners